Holsworthy Work Hub?

Has the commute changed for ever?
The pandemic has changed many things- in some cases for ever. From social distancing to mask wearing and working from home, Zoom to sanitiser, our habits are very, very different from a year ago. But what will life be like in a year’s time? Will you be commuting on a daily basis again or will there be far more flexibility- saving time, money and the environment?
Alongside Holsworthy Town Council, Torridge District Council is exploring the potential for a vibrant co-working space in Holsworthy, providing low-cost but high quality shared spaces. But before we start developing plans or looking for funding we’d love to know your thoughts, please. If you would love to meet other interesting businesses, use a meeting room, form collaborations or even just get out of the house to work every now and then, please go to www.bit.ly/HolsworthyWorkHub and give us your thoughts.
The consultation will be open until March 31st and is designed to ensure that we can gather the right details and gauge interest for any future funding which might emerge through the successful Devon Work Hubs programme or other routes which come forward as part of the Build Back Better agenda. The offer will need to be relevant to people from across the region and create a supportive, vibrant community of users and offer access to the right facilities, such as printers, a bookable meeting room and, of course, fantastic wifi. Town centres are also changing, so this proposal will seek to create a more vibrant scene and ensure that Holsworthy is an ever-more appealing place to work- whilst also boosting town centre footfall and the businesses within the town. So please come and get involved in this first step.