Please find a list of useful contacts that are still open or available during these uncertain times.

Volunteer Driver Rules

To drive a community transport bus you must have had a valid clean driving licence for at least two years

Each volunteer driver will need to photograph a copy of their driving licence front and back and message it to

(Search Holsworthy Community transport on Facebook)

They will also need to fill out a ‘driver hire form’ and send it to the community transport via their facebook page. Form can be sent via messenger. Take a photo once filled out and send back.

The Holsworthy Covid-19 Mutual Aid group have signed the relevant group hire paperwork.

You are fully insured to drive once you have submitted your information

Prescription Delivery Service

There will be a daily rota for drivers. The bus will be parked in the Memorial Car park Coach park. Please wash your hands before leaving home and use sanitizer when you get to the bus (provided on the bus) the Keys will be in a keysafe next to the front door of the Memorial Hall, code will be sent to you via messenger. You will need to be with the vehicle for 1.35pm. You will be met by a volunteer who will make the deliveries. If you feel unwell before or any time during you should park up the bus and not carry on with the delivery. If you feel unwell before you start you should contact the mutual aid number on 07340 633055 and tell them you are unable to do the deliveries that day. A stand in driver will be found.

When the driver and the volunteer have arrived you should both check your body temperatures with the thermometer provided. If your temperature is above 37.8 you should not start the deliveries.

Your first stop is to be Lloyds Chemist who will be expecting you at 1.45pm. The volunteer can go straight to the front of the que and pick up the deliveries.

Next, go to Boots at the medical center and pick up the deliveries from there, they will also be expecting you around 2pm. There will be a cool bag on board for any medication that needs to be kept cool.

Now you have all the deliveries work out a route and commence the deliveries. as the driver you should stay on the bus and let the volunteer do the actual door step delivery. If the fuel level drops below half full please go to Southcott Garage and fill up. You will need to sign for the fuel but you will not be charged

Once you have finished the round please wipe Steering wheel, door handles and seats with bacterial wipes and the keys. The keys should be put back in the keysafe. When you get home don’t forget to wash your hands!

If you have any queries during the deliveries, please text or call the helpline 07340 633055

Volunteer Driver Procedure

Covid Shopping

Prescription Ordering Procedure

Coming soon!

Prescription Delivery Procedure

If you are unable to get to a pharmacy, we may be able to help!

The Mutual aid group for Holsworthy have set up a delivery service for the town. This will operate once a day for prescriptions from Lloyds and Boots in Holsworthy.

Our volunteer Driver and Volunteer deliverer will pick up prescriptions once a day and deliver to your doorstep, they will nock on your door and step back two meters to ensure social distancing.

If you need your prescription picking up we ask that you text (you can call but we would prefer a text) your details to the number below at least 24 hours before you will need the prescription. The pick up from pharmacies have been organised for around 2pm so you can expect your delivery after that time.

We will still operate an emergency delivery but we are hoping to keep these to a minimum to maintain social distancing and reduce the number of volunteers being exposed to the virus.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PHARMACY DIRECT BY PHONE as this will delay the staff trying to put together prescriptions. Pharmacies are already under immense pressure due to staff isolating.

When contacting you will need to provide the following information:

  • The day you need the prescription picking up
  • Name of the pharmacy (Boots or Lloyds)
  • Your full name
  • Your full address including postcode
  • A list of the items you need collecting