Holsworthy Mayor’s Charity Civic Ball

Holsworthy’s Mayor, Councillor Helen Parker held a very successful Civic Ball in aid of Cancer Research UK and Blood Cancer UK

In the photo Left to Right: Consort Ian Parker, Councillor Pete Shepherd, Councillor Debra De ste Croix, Councillor Nigel Kenneally, Town Clerk Vanessa Saunders, Mayor Councillor Helen Parker, District Councillor David Jones, Councillor John Allen, Councillor Lyndon Piper and Assistant to the Town Clerk Tegan Watson-Bell

After a while of preparing, Holsworthy Town Council held an amazing Civic Ball, the first of the century!

Due to Coronavirus it was invite only. There was great turn out though! We were entertained upon entry by a magician, Jack Lovegrove and greeted by Charles Jeffery-Hudson the Toastmaster. Both Jack and Charles are involved in HATS (Holsworthy Amateur Theatre Society). They brought the Ball to life. We were blessed to have Mother Elizabeth say grace before our meal. This allowed us to remember those we have sadly lost recently and to be thankful for what we do have.

Around 7:30pm Oaktree Occasions started delivering our prechosen Starters in between our lively chatter. Soon after finishing our starters we were given our main then our dessert. The food was high quality, if you are having a small get together or a large event then we highly recommend Oaktree Occasions. Their service was very professional and any queries were answered swiftly.

Charles Jeffery-Hudson the Toastmaster stood up and sounded his gavel 3 times to call upon Holsworthy’s Mayor Councillor Helen Parker for the Loyal Toast! There was a lovely portrait of our Queen in her younger days for us to toast to. Tea and Coffee was offered to all guests.

After the loyal toast the raffle was drawn. We adopted a raffle tradition suggested by Holsworthy’s Consort, Ian Parker. There were many small envelopes placed on the tables alongside a pen, you were to write your name and deposit cash inside the envelope then seal, ready to be collected.

Once all envelopes were collected Guests were chosen to draw the tickets. There was a large variety of prizes to choose from such as a Fruit Basket, A Voucher from Shepherd’s Hardware’s, 2 tickets to any Exeter Chiefs games, Gift basket from Holsworthy’s Foot Health Clinic and many more!

After the raffle draw Mayor Councillor, Helen Parker gave a speech to all the guests, councillors and office staff for their help in making the Civic Ball happen! There were many guests representing councils from both Devon and Cornwall as well as those representing local organisations.

District Councillor David Jones, responded to Mayor Councillor Helen with a very sweet speech, to which we appreciated a lot.

This concluded the formal evening and the room was reorganised into a Ballroom, entertained by Neil Kristopher.

Thank you very much to the following Mayors/ Deputy Mayors and other Councillors that attended our Civic Ball:

The Leader of Torridge, Ken James,
District Councillor, David Jones,
The Mayor of Barnstaple, Councillor Alan Rennles, the Mayoress Mrs Sue Rennles and their Beadle, Mr Don Gramlich,
The Mayor of Great Torrington, Councillor Doug Smith, his Granddaughter Miss Mezli Smith and their Beadle, Mr Andy Griffiths,
The Deputy Mayor of Launceston, Councillor Helen Bailey and Consort Mr Adrian Bailey,
The Deputy Mayor of Okehampton, Councillor Deborah Sanger and Consort Mr Paul Jessop,
The Deputy Mayor of Bideford, Councillor Jude Gubb and Consort Mr Michael Gubb,
Councillor Michael dawes and Wife Mrs Jo Dawes.

A special mention to the councils that sadly couldn’t attend but sent their apologies:

South Molton Town Council- we received an apology and a donation from Mayor Councillor Mervyn Way and Mayoress Mrs Helen Way,
Ilfracombe Town Council- Mayor Councillor Kit Leck sent his apologies and donated a sum.

We’d also like to say thank you to those that attended the Civic Ball representing a local organisation such as the following:

Holsworthy Bowls Club, HASP, the Rotary Club, the Lions, the Museum, the press, etc!